Friday, June 15, 2007


Is coming when the tables turn,
Their ways upside down,
When my financial ice,
On which we used to skate together,
Becomes too thin, I say too thin,
To bear our weight again,
Will you still hold my hand?

When my powers of persuasion,
Face wildly unbalanced state,
And become ridiculous and even pathetic,
And cause me an unspeakable vulgarity,
That I speak to you a melodramatic nonsense,
And lack the affectionate apologies,
Will you still keep on listening to me?

When my body becomes mortal,
And you find me with several discrepancies,
That my body is infernally obstinate,
No longer exercising the physical motions,
When people are treating me without a remorse,
Will you still love me truly?
Will you cry for me?

Tell me now!

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